crawl1 [kro:l US kro:l] v
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old Norse; Origin: krafla]
1.) to move along on your hands and knees with your body close to the ground
crawl along/across etc
The baby crawled across the floor.
2.) if an insect crawls, it moves using its legs
crawl over/up etc
There's a bug crawling up your leg.
3.) crawl into/out of bed
to get into or out of bed slowly because you are very tired
We crawled into bed at 2 am.
4.) if a vehicle crawls, it moves forward very slowly
crawl by/along etc
The traffic was crawling along.
5.) [i]BrE informal to be too pleasant or helpful to someone in authority, especially because you want them to help you - used in order to show disapproval
crawl to
She's always crawling to the boss.
6.) be crawling with sth
to be completely covered with insects, people etc
The floor was crawling with ants.
The whole place was crawling with cops.
7.) crawl the Net/web
if a computer program crawls the Net, it quickly searches the Internet to find the particular information you need
robots that crawl the net searching out e-mail addresses for junk mailing
crawl 2
crawl2 n [singular]
1.) a very slow speed
The traffic had slowed to a crawl.
2.) the crawl
a way of swimming in which you lie on your stomach and move one arm, and then the other, over your head
→↑backstroke, breaststroke ↑breaststroke, butterfly ↑butterfly

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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